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Dry Cleaners

Do you own a dry cleaning establishment? Then your employees, patrons, and property face specific hazards. Any and all risks could cause both injury and illness, some of which are severe. What can you do to protect your investment? Have insurance from Hamann Insurance Group that you can rely on!

Our team is here to support you throughout the entire coverage process. We understand your industry and the unique risk exposures of your business. These can include fires, chemical poisoning, ventilation inadequacies, and ergonomic risks. In addition, some potential environmental and regulatory exposures you could encounter within your facility include:

·        Improper use and storage of organic cleaning solvents.

  • Wastewater discharges from industrial laundries may contain a wide variety of contaminates.
  • Improperly managed tanks used to store dry cleaning fluids.
  • Small volumes of hazardous waste require proper handling and disposal.
  • Odors creating nuisance conditions in the neighborhood.


Some ways to reduce these types of exposures include creating a controlled plan and approach. This can involve engineering controls, work practices, and personal protection. Preparation is always key when it comes to unpredictable events. Remaining cautious and alert as a business owner can help you avoid accidents, injuries, and other mishaps you may face.

To keep your employees and establishment secure while performing dry cleaning duties, a personalized and comprehensive insurance package from HIG Risk Solutions is the way to go. Let us help reduce your risks today. Interested in learning more? Contact one of our friendly agents at 866.726.2184 or fill out a free quote form now!


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