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Landscape & Lawn care

Providing lawn care requires creativity, attention to detail, and a lot of hard work.  Insurance is similar in this regard.  As a contractor, you need the best possible insurance so that your business is protected and you don’t have to worry about being exposed to risk.   

We know you take pride in your work.  The work that you do should speak for itself, but no matter how beautiful or functional your work is, it is subject to risks that can result in significant loss.  For this reason and others, it is important that you have a comprehensive lawn care and landscaping insurance policy. 

At Hamann Insurance Group we are well-versed in your industry, know exactly how to protect your business against risks, and can help your business flourish.

Specific Insurance Solutions for your Landscaping and Lawn Care Needs

In the landscaping and lawn care field there are plenty of exposures, including those from faulty equipment, transportation of shrubs, and dissatisfaction with contractor performance.  To ensure that these exposures don’t result in financial loss or damage to a business’s reputation, contractors need insurance policies that contain unique, carefully selected coverages.  At Hamann Insurance Group, we make sure we provide you with the coverage options you need to stay protected and to have a variety of choices.  These options include:  

  • Property insurance
  • Pollution
  • Inland marine
  • Premises liability
  • Automobile liability
  • Workers compensation
  • Contractors’ equipment
  • General liability
  • Employee dishonesty
  • Employee benefits
  • Umbrella insurance

The coverages above represent the basics and are not exhaustive.  Other options include business income with extra expenses, goods in transit, employment-related practices, environmental repair, and installation floater.  These and other coverages can help keep businesses functioning smoothly and can help save money. 

To determine whether or not you need additional coverages or policies, turn to one of our experienced agents.  Each agent can help you make sound decisions and put together an insurance package that mitigates current and potential risk for the right costs. 

Learning that results in better insurance starts today

Learning about your options is one of the keys to making sound decisions regarding insurance.  We help you learn and achieve this proficiency. To start, please reach out to our agents by calling 866.736.2184 or filling out the free quote request form below. 

We know that as a contractor you and your company require specialized coverage.  We develop insurance solutions with the specific knowledge of each client’s business.  This helps our clients’ businesses grow, and it will help your business grow too. 

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