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Professional Indemnity

Claims for financial loss, injury, or damage require some form of restitution.   Professional indemnity insurance provides this restitution by protecting your assets in the event of claims.

In business, you can face costly legal fees and compensation payment costs if a client of yours suffers a financial loss that results from your services.  This is the case whether you do business in Texas, or elsewhere in the U.S.  Poor advice or a mistake can cause client losses.  These losses may not even be your fault, but as a business owner you need to be prepared for claims regarding these losses. 

At Hamann Insurance Group, we provide personal indemnity policies to businesses so that if and when a claim is filed, the businesses are spared unnecessary financial losses.  These policies typically cover:

  • Negligent Acts
  • Errors and Omissions
  • Breach of Duty
  • Civil Liability

Claims take up time and resources and can even result in halted operations for businesses.  We know this, which is why at HIG Risk Solutions we provide affordable solutions that protect businesses from lawsuits.  We can’t stop lawsuits, but we ensure that they don’t inhibit a business’s success. 

Don’t get stuck paying unnecessarily for a mistake you made or for an unjustly-filed claim.  Consider a professional indemnity policy from HIG.

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